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Who We Are

TNT MOTORCYCLES is a motorcycle and automobile customization firm based at New Delhi, India. We also fabricate specialized performance parts and accessories for both commuters and bike builders as well.

Our Story

All team members are Automobile and Mechanical Engineers and motorcycle enthusiasts. The forever dream of owning a custom motorcycle, led us to test the waters. With a collective experience of 17 years in design, manufacturing and development in major OEMs, we started building a Zero Chop with IBW 2014 as deadline.  As a result “Shunya” was conceived with 90% in-house machining and fabrication. The crowd’s reaction at the event was over-whelming and the build was appreciated for its low slung chopper styling. The positive response at the event led us to quit our 9 to 5 corporate jobs and be a professional builder. IBW 2014 concluded in January and TNT Motorcycles started operations from March 2014.

  • Our strength is our immense technical expertise in the field of Automobile Design, Development and validation. We have forte on CAD designing & modelling, motorcycles dynamics, component designs, accessories development, hydraulics & pneumatics along with long experience of fabrication. We have workshop area of 22000 sq. ft. with a tool room area of 4000 sq. ft. for any kind of customization job . The equipment includes
  1. Lathe Machine
  2. Universal Milling Machine
  3. Hydraulic Press (fabricated in house)
  4. TIG Welding
  5. Arc Welding
  6. Drilling machine
  7. Ready-to-go Jigs & Fixtures.

Excluding Metal we also have specialized expertise in FRP ( Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and Wood (evidently visible in our builds)

A state-of-the-art paint shop and Hydro graphics plant is under construction and adding soon to our profile.

Meet Our Team

NitinHead - Technical (Product Development)
Nitin has a cumulative experience of 8 years in Automotive Design, Development & Validation, now including 3 years of building motorcycles. He is not just a motorcycle enthusiast, but also a hard-core rider. According to him, his most awesome rides include the certified Saddle Sore 1600K ride (Delhi-Ahmadabad-Delhi) and his first long ride to Leh. At TNT, he takes care of all the technical needs and keen to take up challenges against conventional approach.
Naveen has experience in automotive design and accessories development. His code, “To create the unknown” pulled him to create motorcycle art-pieces, partnering up with Nitin. He is motorcyclist by heart and love to burn every new rubber. Naveen is passionate for speed and someone hard to catch on road. At TNT, he challenges his own hand-made motorcycles beyond limits. He also takes care of the design, aesthetics, comfort and accessories of the build.
Rathi is a motorcycle buff and that what led him to leave his 9 to 5 job and fuse with his long old friends Naveen & Nitin and setting up TNT Motorcycles. He is the muscle guy at TNT and a man of few words. He takes care of FRP fabrication, Automotive Electricals and new facilities at the workshop.
John held the tools for the first time when he entered TNT Motorcycles back in 2014 and today he is one who is shaping extra-ordinary bits and pieces of our custom builds by hand. His 3 years of hands-on knowledge in building custom bikes is now at par many experienced ones. He loves sleek and minimal bikes and love to ride whenever he gets some time out.

Our Happy Clients