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Project Description

RASTA – Custom Bad Ass Sportster

Donor Bike – Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

  • Custom In-house Milled Duralumin Top Tree Plate
  • Custom Knurled Steel Handle Risers with Drag Handle Bar
  • Custom TNT signature Fuel tank with custom Rasta Theme Fuel Cap
  • Custom 9” wide Aluminium Wheel spoked with 80 SS Spokes in Clock-Anticlock Arrangement
  • Custom Milled and Spun Duralumin Rear Hub
  • Custom In House Milled Swing Arm (Stock Sized)
  • Taper theme Riveted Aluminium Forward Foot Control Assembly
  • Front Pulley Spacer and Aluminium Cover
  • Custom Brush Metal Paint Job on Fuel Tank with Black Out Fittings and Caps
  • Custom Chopped Rear Fender
  • Chassis modification to incorporate Wide Tyre Kit
  • Foot Brakes and Exhaust shifted outwards to incorporate wide tyre kit
  • Chopper style Side mounted Rear Number Plate
  • Custom Paint Job – Fuel Tank, Air Filter Plate, Fuel Cap and Rear Fender
  • Front Tyre – 130 – 16 , Rear Tyre – 240 – 17